A Family Company

Sweet & Fit ™ is a gourmet bakery specializing in healthy and totally delicious desserts. Everything we bake is made with natural gluten-free and no sugar added ingredients, that are suitable for diabetic people, low-carb diets and anyone that wants to follow a healthy lifestyle.

Our baked goods were created in 2006 by Dr. Jose Tacher, a Venezuelan pediatrician, who focused on helping kids with obesity, diabetes and hyperinsulinism. He wanted to create something delicious and healthy as well, for his patients so they were not deprived of enjoying some tasty desserts. Little did he know, how scrumptious these desserts would become and the overwhelmingly positive responses he would receive from customers of all ages.

Dr Tacher’s unique recipes only use the highest quality ingredients that exist such as, almond flour and erythritol as healthy substitutes of the regular and refined flour and sugar.

In 2015, his daughter and trained chef, Adriana, operating as the Production Manager and International Product Development, was assigned to coordinate and manage the installations of their first international business in Bogota, Colombia, to be operated as “Ser Fit” (Being Fit).

In 2017, Adriana was transferred to the U.S. to serve as Production Manager and International Product Development to open the first U.S bakery in Miami, Florida, and begin operations under the second brand “Sweet and Fit”

In December 2019, Dr Tacher introduced these desserts to the Israeli market, following the high demand seen on healthy products and how consumers are motivated more and more for a healthy lifestyle.

Our goal is to provide our valued customers with a uniquely pleasurable experience as they enjoy the most healthy and delicious desserts to support their naturally fit and healthy lifestyles!